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Giang Mo Village, Hoa Binh Province

Need to wind down, relax and get away from a modern, bustling city or maybe just want to change scenery while visiting the Northern part of Vietnam? Giang Mo in Hoa Binh province might be the right place for you.

Located about 50 miles south west of Hanoi in a lush, mountainous rural landscape with beautiful green hills and valleys dotted with small family-run farms and villages is the Hoa Binh Province – home of the Muong people, one of the colorful hill-tribe ethnic group of Vietnam. The highlight of this area is the peaceful rural Giang Mo village with friendly people and distinct hand-crafted stilted houses – Houses are made with local hardwood and palm-leaf thatch for the roofs.

A visit to one of these local homes you will see women of the family sitting by looms, weaving beautiful pieces of brocade. These traditional weaving techniques can only be seen in this small village and was passing down from generation to generation. You may be asked to join them in their traditional rice wine sipping from a bowl in the middle of the room – a symbol of family unity and harmony. Standing in a circle around the bowl, each and every one in the family will sip the wine with a very long bamboo straw while sharing his or her day events. You can learn more of the traditional way of life of the villagers when visiting the village leader home which is also the Cultural Heritage Museum of the area, and/or enjoy a performance of the traditional and unique “gong” music while sipping the special local whiskey, “Chuoi Rung” with the locals. Biking activity is also available.

This beautiful, hospitality destination is for everyone – people who loves biking, rural scenery pictures or cultural interest – and it will be a memorable learning experience for all as well even for younger ones.

V’explore Tours can arrange an itinerary to work best with your time frame and interests. We want to make sure you will get the most of activities and experiences of this serene and naturally beautiful place and make this your memorable trip.