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May Newsletter 2015


Honor our vets this memorial day


It has been 40 years since the Vietnam War ended and many of our vets are thinking about revisiting Vietnam to see what changes have been made.

V’explore Tours offers a great tour that can be customized to suit your clients’ wishes. Call about our “Journey to the Past” tour which returns to areas of former military operations in Vietnam. Experience the history and unique culture of the country while retracing the experiences from a quarter century ago. Stay at one of the modern beach resorts for some well-earned R&R. Experience a feeling of closure now that you’ve seen how the story ended.

Here’s one of our “Exclusive Experiences” for your Clients when visiting Hue, Vietnam!

Nguyen Van He, an award winning Vietnamese artist, creates a message of peace through his unique collection of over 200 artifacts from the Vietnam War in an intriguing café in Hue. Though born after the war, he and villagers have collected mortars, scrap metal, medical equipment, and other paraphernalia of the war.

He has converted these into beautiful works of art, such as rose vases from mortars and rockets, tables made of scrap metal, and bookcases from ammunition boxes, displaying it all in his café museum. Former soldiers with their own stories of war bring him uniforms, helmets, medical equipment and other memorabilia, which he also turns into artwork in order to promote the concept of an enduring peace. A stop at this little café is truly a memorable and thought provoking experience.