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Songkran - Thailand


Songkran – Thailand



Of all my trips to Thailand, the ones I enjoyed the most happened during the Thai New Year in mid-April, Songkran a.k.a the Water Festival. This seems to be the most joyful time for Thais to celebrate their world famous hospitality and smiles.


This takes place around the 13 to the 15th of April and signals the beginning of summer. In most areas Songkran is a three day event, while some make it a week-long event with concerts, water fights etc. This is a time when those Thais who have moved away from their families to find work in other parts of Thailand, return home to share the blessings of Songkran.


Although originally a time for the young to honor the elderly by dropping a few drops of water on the shoulders of their elderly family members, the modern-day version has brought in garden hoses, water pistols, even tubs of water for soaking (blessing) friends, family and visitors alike. Everyone is subject to being soaked with water when going out on the streets of Thailand. April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, so the water is often a welcome treat as long as you are prepared.


When you see the pure joy on the faces of the Thais when they get to soak (bless) you on Songkran, you automatically become “Thai for a day”. You are one of them! Relax…enjoy. Wear light clothing that will dry quickly or you may be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Take your valuables (camera, money, keys) in plastic or they may be ruined. Just remember that getting soaked with water is truly a blessing during Songkran. If you are especially fortunate, you may be approached by someone using talcum powder with water to make designs on your face. Again this is a blessing and done with comradery and joy—embrace it. For most of us who think, as adults, we could never participate in a water fight with strangers, it is a freeing experience! It can be the most joyful, uplifting experience. You will feel like a child again—no stress, no work, no worries, and no bills—you are joyous! One of my most memorable, no actually, THE most memorable experiences in all of my travels!


If you or your clients want to experience Festivals in Thailand, you must plan well in advance–flights, hotels, trains are all very full with Thais returning home as well as visitors. Call V’explore Tours to plan the perfect Songkran experience!


Submitted by a V’explore Tours Staff Member