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Tết Trung Thu in Vietnam


Tết Trung Thu in Vietnam?



Come to Celebrate “Tết Trung Thu” in Vietnam!

In Vietnam this is the Mid-Autumn festival.  Sort of the Vietnamese combination of our American Halloween and Thanksgiving. Quite simply, it is a celebration of children, the moon, the harvest and giving thanks.  Held on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month (usually between mid-September and mid-October).  As day turns into night, the streets become filled with locals and tourists buying festival items to share the blessings and joy with one another.

Definitely a time for celebration of the family.  Parents make colorful costumes for the children and help the children make colorful lanterns in shapes such as fishes and butterflies to carry as they parade through the streets singing for all who will listen.  This allows the parents a joyful time to teach their children about their culture and traditions.

There is plenty of food, moon gazing, games and connection with family and friends. Over the years the celebration has become a celebration for fertility.  Prayers are offered for bountiful harvests, livestock, children and love.



A special treat for “Tết Trung Thu” is the moon cake.  Banh Trung Thu or Moon Cakes, are traditionally very rich in taste and filled with lotus seeds, ground beans and orange peels and a bright yellow ‘yoke’ in the center to represent the moon.Another important part of this festival is the lion dance.  Lion dance groups, both professional and non-professional, perform on the streets, asking for permission to perform for the crowds. When someone consents, the “lion” will start dancing as a blessing of luck and fortune for the audience. In return, the audience gives lucky money to the “lion” to show their gratitude. The streets become alive with the sound of drums, as dozens of decorative lions roam about providing a feast for photographers.

Here are some of the favorite blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival that we would like to share with you:

  • No matter where you are from, regardless that we gather and leave, all those blessings are forever linked in my mind. I wish you success and only things beautiful!
  • The Mid-Autumn Day approaches. Although I am far from home, I have conviction in my mind. I wish my family happiness and blessings forever.
  • The homesick feeling will be stronger during the traditional festival. I want to say that my heart will always be with you, no matter where I am.
Call V’exploreTours to let us design a journey for you that includes the celebration and joy of “Tết Trung Thu”