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The wonder of mighty Mekong on Mekong Sun


The wonder of mighty Mekong on Mekong Sun



Follow us…on our exciting cultural journey to see the Wonders of the Mighty Mekong, a small ship adventure on the “Mekong Sun”! The Upper Mekong is considered one of the world’s most spectacular rivers navigable by a cruise vessel and is not accessible by larger ships. The area is unspoiled, uique, authentic and your cruise is relaxing. Water levels can drop or rise about 2m overnight on this part of the Mekong making every cruise on the upper Mekong an adventurous experience and subject to ever-changing river conditions. Therefore, changes to the itinerary or schedule are not unusual. Each journey will be adapted to ensure your trip is a memorable one! The power of the mighty Mekong will give your cruise the feeling of a real expedition.


Guests will visit fascinating remote villages along the way with an opportunity to interact with he locals and learn about their cultures and everyday life. You may even stop to visit with the children in a local school sponsored by guests of Mekong River Cruises.


The comfort of this small ship allows you to relax and get to know the other 27 passengers onboard


You will visit one of the most treasured cultural symbols of Laos. Over the years, the Pak Ou Caves have been filled with thousands of statues of Buddha brought by the locals, and many legends revolve around the stories of how/why they were brought to these caves.


A Wonderland of waterfalls and jade pools. Refresh, swim or walk along the spectacular travertine cascading three-tiered Kuang Si Waterfalls. In the Fall, especially October, the water flows dramatically, making the spectacle magnificent. No matter what time of year, these falls are the most alluring natural setting in Laos and shouldn’t be missed.


Although it may seem an early start to your day…don’t miss the opportunity to rise about 6am and go with your guide to offer alms to the monks. There will be various baskets of food available for sale by the locals to offer to the monks. When the monks walk down the street in their yellow/orange robes, you may offer your basket to the monk of your choice. In turn, they will say a short blessing for you that you will be kept safe during your journey.


Your journey ends when we arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang. The influence of the French is truly visible here…the restaurants, the architecture, the ‘joie de vivre’ of the people is ever so welcoming.