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Chau Doc is a port town near the Cambodian border. The town’s 70,000 residents are an intriguing cultural mix of Chinese, Cham, Khmer and Vietnamese people and this is reflected in the town’s architecture. Each community has their own distinctive temples and pagodas. The town has a thriving cross-border trade with Cambodia and is also renowned for its fish-breeding industry. The fish are raised in ingeniously designed underwater cages kept underneath the floating homes on the river. The homes are kept afloat by a combination of empty wooden drums and wooden stakes.

Sam Mountain



There are dozens of pagodas and temples around the base of the 260m mountain, some of which are set in caves. Climbing the peak is the highlight of a visit to Sam Mountain and from the summit you can see the Cambodian border.

Sam Mountain is 7km from Chau Doc.

Lady Chau Xu Temple


The original structure was made of bamboo, though most is now concrete. The temple is very popular with pilgrims, particularly in the fourth lunar month of each year.

Sam Mountains most famous temple is Ba Chua Xu, founded in the 1820s.