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Formed by sediment deposited by the Mekong River, the Mekong Delta, the southernmost region of Vietnam, is well-known for its immense green rice fields, fruit-bearing orchards, and meek, hospitable peasants. Visit Mekong Delta and you will understand why it is called the “rice basket” of Vietnam. Rice and fruits produced here are famous not only in the area. but also around the country. The Mekong River, one of the greatest rivers in Asia, originates high in the Tibetan plateau and flows 4500 km through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Before emptying into the sea. The Mekong splits into many branches, watering the whole pancake-flat land of South Vietnam. The Mekong Delta consists of a crisscrossed network of river arms and canals that interconnects the provinces of the area.

Binh Hoa Phuoc Island (Cai Be – Vinh Long)


The island covers 60 sq. km and has four villages: An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Ninh and Dong Phu. Its soil is fertile and ideal for rearing bonsai trees and tropical fruits. Several of the orchards are open to the public: Mr. Sau Giao’s Flower Garden in Hoa Ninh has hundreds of various ornamental plants such as yellow apricots, “Chieu Thuy” plums and jasmine.

The island of An Binh-Binh Hoa emerges from the middle of the Tien River, just opposite Vinh Long.

Longan and mango tree gardens and fish ponds surround the garden. Mr. Muoi Day’s Stilt-House, a wooden house sits on the Ninh Hoa Canal. Beside it are fruit orchards of longan, grapefruit and mangosteen. The house also serves tourists lunch and provides a place to stay for the night.

Cai Be Floating Market


The best time to visit any floating market is early morning, about 6 to 9 am. Wholesalers on large boats moor here, each specializing in one or more types of fruit or vegetables.

Customers cruise the market in smaller boats and can easily find what they are looking for as the larger boats hang samples of their goods from tall wooden poles.