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The capital town of Binh Dinh province located in the central coastline with a population of 260.000, seems not too busy and it’s a pleasant place to break the long journey between Nha Trang and Danang, and visitors have a chance to view the vestige of Cham towers and ruinsof the Champa citadel that once flourished. The area served as Champa’s capital from 10 to 15th century, the Vijaya Dynasty well-known with Cha Ban citadel. In 1377, the Vietnamese were defeated and their king was killed in an attempt to capture Cha Ban citadel.

Han Mac Tu Tomb


This is the tomb of the mystical poet, Han Mac Tu, who died in 1940.

He was a well-known modern romantic poet in Vietnam literature.

Quang Trung Museum


In 1789 he led the campaign that overwhelmingly defeated a Chinese invasion of 200.000 troops near Hanoi. He died in 1792 at the age of 40. The museum located in the village of Tay Son Dist, right at the three brothers’ house.

Nguyen Hue, the second oldest of the three brothers led the Tay Son rebellion, and crowned himself Emperor in 1788.

Queen Beach & Quy Hoa Beach Quy Nhon


This is ‘Queen’s Beach,’ named for the wife of Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam. Qui Hoa beach is lined with casuarinas trees, and great for swimming.

There are some cafes and restaurants along the road, but it’s all very peaceful and low key.

Banh It Tower


Banh It Tower is the highlight of what is found in this area. A series of four elegant Cham towers on a high hill just outside Binh Dinh.

Very easy to visit en-route or with a guide from Qui Nhon.